Sunday, March 29, 2009

End Of Semester

Calling all members,

There will be a meeting next Thursday (2 April 2009) 7.45pm at DK 3, to have a review on all the activities held throughout this semester. All members are invited to come and voice out opinions and constructive suggestions to the EXCO directly.

If you are unable to attend this coming meeting, please write in your comments and send it to our club email.

1. Post-mortem on all club activities
2. Presentation of the planned activities in next semester
3. Enforcement of Club Constitution
4. Suggestion and comments.

Comments via email:
1. What do you think about the activities held this semester?
2. What activities do you wish to be held in next semester?
3. If improvements were to be done to the club and its activities, what would that be?

Trip to UKM Biomedicine Symposium 2009

21 March 2009 - The most talked about event among students in Biomedicine, the UKM Biomedicine Symposium was our stepping stone in Biomedicine UPM to initiate inter university relationship. Among the universities which attended this event were UKM (the organizer), UPM, UM and UIAM.

The symposium kicks off with thesis presentation competition, where final year students of UKM present their hard work in research, to everyone attended that competition. It was truly an event for those of high intellect.

Next, a talk was held by representative from the Malaysian National Biomedicine Society, who spoke on the importance of this society establishment. He encouraged Biomedicine graduates to join as a member and be part of the national body, where rights and future of Biomedicine graduates are addressed. And with the help from numerous clubs from different universities, this would ensure that this strong aspiration would be a reality in the near future.

Later on, a forum was held and presidents from 4 universities spoke on issues that arised and suggestion of ideas for a joint activity between 4 universities. It was a heated discussion, opinions and critics were given among club presidents and also other EXCO who were there as audience. In conclusion, 4 universities came to an agreement that all 4 universities would work together, to organize Malaysia's First Ever National Biomedicine Symposium in 2010. And we from UPM are greatly honoured to be the venue organizer.

The whole event ended with a photography session and we bid good bye to UKM. May our relationship with UKM, UM and UIAM stay strong for many years to come.

Introduction to the Biomedicine Club EXCO 2009/2010

The following are the Board of Executives for Biomedicine Club 2009/2010


Vice President I

Vice President II

Secretary I

Secretary II


Inf0rmation and Bulletin Executive

Academic & Training Executive

Career & Corporate Communication Executive

Activity & Recreation Executive

Student Affair & Welfare Executive

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Career Talk 2009

27 Feb 2009 - The long awaited post about the Career Talk held sometime ago is finally posted. This was one of the few academic and training program activities planned by our club. With much support from our lecturers and alumni, the talk was an enlightening experience.

Dr. Aris was the first speaker, and he spoke on the wide job horizon available for biomedical science graduates in the government sector. Nonetheless, he promoted about the benefits of working in the government sector, as compared to private. He also spoke on the promising future of the Malaysian research field and encouraged us to venture in research, if you have strong interest. Lastly, he mentioned about the establishment of the Malaysian National Biomedicine Society and how important it is to have a society like so.

Dr. Sharmili was second to speak, and she did a really good job in "beating around the bushes", in a positive way. Her session was full of laughter, and yet not any less informative. As she herself is very fond and close to our alumni, she told true stories about alumni in the corporate and working world. From researchers to forensic investigators, from salesperson to deejay, she gave a very wide perspective of what biomedical student can and may potentially be. She quote, "Who to say she is a failure, if she is earning a good income and living a good life." She advised us not to be close hearted and narrow minded, as life does not end if you don't do well in exams. What is important during our career is to be able to adapt and acquire skills as we work, not while we are at university.

Mr. Jervis was our final speaker and he was a rather "in prompt to" speaker. He shared his personal views and experiences during his days working in sales as a specialist in research equipment. In short, his session gave us a glimpse of the rewarding but challenging working experience in the private sector.

The talk ended with Q&A to every speaker and a short photography session.

Biomedic Club The Gathering

Yesterday, The biomed club hosted a gathering of fellow coursemates and our dearest lecturers. Food was great and we had a lot of fun. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Netball Competition

18 March - It was a hot and sunny evening when the competition started, but that does not stop our coursemates from playing all out on our club netball competition. It is our first netball competition to be held, and everyone shown great support, especially to their own respective years and coursemates, despite mountains of assignments and the second test season.

The crowd went wild, supporting and cheering for their team. The team on the other hand, made their best efforts to win this competition. Lack of skills and short of sporting equipments have been our greatest disadvantage. We even had to use tables as our scoreboard. And unfortunately, players did get hurt due to improper sport shoes and protection guards.

However, despite our circumstances we still had fun and had a lot of screams. Maybe it is a great healthy way to de-stress ourselves. At the end of the competition, the winning champion was the team from third year students. Throughout the competition, they shown great gaming skills and teamwork. All in all, the competition was a lot of fun and truly a great learning experience. I hope that in future sporting events such as this would be continue, as participants would have lots to gain and be healthy at the same time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lift your chin, stretch your arms and turn twist your legs.

25 February 2009 was our first senamrobik session. Nothing much to write about but it was truly an enjoyable exercising activity. The movement routine was great, the selection of music was awesome, but i can't say the same for your sound system. Some of us sweat a lot (like me), some never even break a sweat.

There will be more senamrobik session in future, so keep yourself updated.


Fitness Month

To all members of Biomed Club UPM,

March is gonna be a stressful month, with second test plus finals just around the corner. So why not join some of our sporting activities in March, to ease out your tension.

Upcoming event for March

1. Senamrobik
25 Feb till 25 March, Wednesday (when there's a session you will be informed)

2. Biomedo Nettball Competition
18 March, Netball Court, K17

3. BioFutsal
29 March, Futsal Court, K17

Enough physical exercises, why not some mental exercises as well.

4. Spell It Right Competition
27 March

So, enjoy your fitness month this March.