Thursday, October 23, 2008

Annual General Meeting 2008/2009

The Annual General Meeting or the AGM is an event of immense anticipation, tension and jubilation.

All members gather together to determine the future leaders of the club, which inevitably decide the future course of the club in the year 2009.

And as usual, there are many speeches. However, the intense (and sometimes boring) atmosphere was blown away by laughter, as Dr. Latifah began her speech with her trademark opening: "Ok everyone!! This is not a lecture. This is a DISCUSSION."

The ceremonial handing-over marks the transition of the club EXCO members. The new EXCO stand forth and pledge, to serve and to bring the club to greater heights.

A token of appreciation was handed to every outgoing EXCO members.

With great relief and also high hopes, our AGM comes to an end with every EXCO members taking group photos. Although our seniors may not be EXCO anymore, they were and will always be there to offer advice and support to the newbies like us. As a final note, I thanked the outgoing EXCO and all club members for offering us, the new EXCO members the chance to shine.


A head start for biomeds

Greetings, biomeds. As we embrace globalization and modernization, it would be a pity if our club would not have a blog of our own. So, here it is. Our first step towards club publicity in the online community.

This blog would feature on the latest updates regarding club activities, members' feedback, articles and practically anything that you can think of that is relevant to biomedical science.

If you know of this blog, tell your friends to come and view our blog from time to time.
If you are interested to become an admin for this blog, feel free to come and see the club president.
If you have photos of club activities that you wish to post in this blog, email us at

'Realizing generation transformation' starts with us.
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Club president 09/10