Sunday, May 24, 2009

Biomedic Hands On

As part of our efforts to promote awareness and instill interest about biomedicine among the younger generation typically school students, the club had organize Biomedic Hands On program. Students from SMK Clifford Kuala Kangsar, Perak was selected to be participants of our program.

The one day program began with a briefing session where students were given exposure and general introduction about the medicine, biomedicine and health science courses available in our humble faculty. The briefing ended with a short Q&A session, where students and teachers voice out their inquiries about certain misconception about biomedicine and qualification pre requisite to enroll in this faculty.

Next, our program continued with a trip to the anatomy museum in the faculty. Over there, students were introduced to the wonders and complexity of the human body. Brief introduction was given about the body parts, from bones, muscles, organs and also the entire human fetus. After seeing how a healthy body looked, students were shown infected or diseased body part, including disease infection, body irregularity and also cancer.

The program continued with practicals done in two labs, the anatomy dissection hall (ADH) and the multi-purpose lab 1 (aka power lab). During the practical session, students were given the opportunity to conduct real hands on experiments and anatomy observation.

Nonetheless, facilitators were always there to demonstrate and assist in the learning process by any means possible. The organizing committee also not forgetting the lecturers, tutors and also lab personnel who gave so much support to our program, despite their busy schedule.

The program ended with a short closing, where souvenirs were given to speakers, lecturers, teachers and also facilitators as a token of appreciation. After photography session, students and facilitators waved good bye and shake hands of gratitude.

The general public are still in the midst of misunderstanding of what biomedicine truly is. Actions must be taken to promote awareness, thus future graduates would consider biomedicine as their field of study, alternative to medicine.