Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biomed BBQ Dinner

Congratulation to all lecturers who got promoted and also to all first year biomedic students who has been selected to be in UPM.

Biomed Odyssey Orientation Week

After months of discussion, weeks of preparation and a couple of sleepless nights, the Biomed Odyssey finally draws to a close.

What may seem like an endless orientation for the juniors, is actually a unique way from us seniors, of welcoming all juniors as part of our big family in UPM. Here I would like to thank all the seniors who worked as committee members to ensure the realization and smooth running of all events during orientation week. Next, I would like to give a special acknowledgment to lecturers and staffs of Biomedical Science Department, who gave support in our activities.

Last but not least, from the bottom of my heart, I thanked and congratulate all the juniors who made this orientation worth 'wild' and unlike any other. I represent the organizing committee to apologize for any misbehavior and misconduct from us, and hope that any offensive action may never remain as a torn in our relationship.

OK enough writing. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Now I have a video to summarize what our orientation has been. Enjoy!!

Proclamation of UPM FPSK Biomedicine Club Constitution

"It is necessary that with one hand and one voice the colonist should use their best energies to launch the ship of State in deep waters. I trust that every good wish that I am now addressing for the future progress of this colony will be amply realized ..."

Sir William Robinson, Governor of Western Australia, 1890

Biomedicine students welcome the dawn of student self governance in Fakulti Sains Bioperubatan UPM, in 1997 where students established what would be the blueprint of Biomedicine Club FPSK UPM now. After more than ten years of establishment, I as Club President, emboldened by a sense of civic pride and entrusted by democracy of people, celebrate the proclamation of the Perlembagaan Kelab Bioperubatan (Biomedicine Club Constitution).

Proclamation of the new constitution will be an important symbolic episode in club history. Not only did it herald a real change in the form and composition of club governance, but it would also be contrived as the moment when the club finally come of age.

Biomed Badge

Thank you to all club members for your support on our club badge sales orientation week edition. We will be glad to promote more club merchandises for members' collection in future.

Shawn Keng