Saturday, September 5, 2009

Biomed Buka Puasa Dinner

I must admit, the club has been rather dormant lately, as compared to last semester. Throughout the month of August, there was Faculty Night, followed by First Test and a joint event called Intellectual Discussion (co-organized with Kelab Bimbingan Mahasiswa). Next, the Ramadhan month has begun. And when you thought we gonna be dormant, well you thought wrong.

In this holy month, we held a Buka Puasa dinner, in conjunction with the fasting season. As this is a month that promotes the values of forgiveness and moderation, this event of ours is just that. With 3 tutorial rooms for dining and 3 others for prayers, our event went smoothly without any fuss. And what is interesting, all members Muslims or non-Muslims alike sat together for a simple opening delight of dates and jelly, followed by a feast after prayers.

Everything was just plain and usual, honestly. But one thing about organizing a dinner event, as long as everyone went back with stomachs full, it is a successful event already.