Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hands-On-bioMed 2010

Hands-On-BiomEd is one of our club event which is to promote biomedical science to the secondary school student. We had invited students from SMK Putra jaya Presint 16. 40 male and female students are followed by 3 teachers visited us on 31st of March 2010.(wednesday)

our very own saudara Azfar, the organising chairman

Azfar: "bila lah budak-budak ni boleh sampai?"

AH ....they are finally here..

A lot of activities had been carrying out like a breifing session on what Biomedical Science is all about by Prof. Dr. Mohamad Aziz Dollah. Prof shares with us on the future on Biomedical Science and of cause his experiences.

Studdents are  then brought to Lab 7 for a briefing session on experimental animals and they are giving a try to handle the rats and mice.

OH mY GOD...

Pn Fezah is giving her lecture to the students.

Next, they are having a short time at anatomy muzeum. With that, the day ended with short tea break at foyer.

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